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Bohemian Bombshell was founded in Santa Barbara California, and can most often be found on the heads of gorgeous Bombshells on State street in Downtown Santa Barbara. We love creating, discovering, and expressing our individuality! We spend our time creating wearable art that compliments natural beauty!
bohemian bombshell

B♥ Bands
“A head ornament is a symbol of beauty and dignity.”
BBands are handmade pieces of jewelry for your hair, each one as unique and different as the bombshell that wears it. Inspired by the eclectic style of the Southern California beach girl, these beautifully beaded headbands are buzzing with the energy of styles from every decade. With hundreds of ways to wear them, the possibilities of originality are endless. Every girl has a unique twinkle that makes her…HER…this band is not an accessory but rather an expression of individuality. Embrace Difference. Be You.♥