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Setting the Mood for a Girls Night Out


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Ez: My first time at popular restaurant/lounge Blue Agave, which is just off of State Street in downtown Santa Barbara, was definitely satisfying. It helped that MJ and I arrived during happy hour, which boasts a delectable $5 per item appetizer menu; we ordered three. The moody lighting lends to a great atmosphere for a trendy, yet, informal night out for spontaneous photo shoots.


Part of owning your style is feeling comfortable in your clothes, and sometimes the best way to do that is to dress up for yourself. Have a girls night and dress up solely for the purpose of feeling good about yourself, and having fun with your friends. Ez and I decided to visit the ever popular Santa Barbara Night life spot Blue Agave. On this rainy Friday evening, we may have ben the only people in the bar, but that didn’t stop us from taking full advantage of the moody romantic atmosphere.

MJ: The appetizers (like the Champagne battered Calamari) were amazing, and at five dollars each, who could complain. Ez and I enjoyed a great happy hour, and admired the beautifully romantic decorations. Rich golds and deep reds surrounded our cozy booth. My favorite was the antique chandeliers that gave the room an antiqued candlelit glow. Their attention to detail made this an altogether delightful little outing…

After our appetizers, we wandered upstairs to visit their lounge. It too was beautifully decorated to emanate the moody glow of the dining area. The upstairs had the feel of a converted Victorian hotel, with it’s wall length mirrors, draping velvet curtains, and cozy little fireplace.
MJ: I chose a cream colored off the shoulder cashmere tunic with an adorable pocket detail on the front. This tunic is great by itself, over jeans or leggings, or even layered with another dress and finished with a statement belt (which is what I have chosen in these photos). Versatile tunics like this are great wardrobe essentials, especially in neutral colors like cream, ivory, or beige.
I wore my favorite knee high stiletto black boots, that go with everything. The have a great little bow detail in the back that give them a slightly girly touch, which I love! to contrast the girly elements of my ensemble I wore black tights and a thick military inspired high black high-waisted belt.
Since it was raining, I brought along my black red and white striped peacoat as well as my white acid washed circle scarf from American Apparel, and of course a matching umbrella.

EZ: I wore a dress that I purchased years ago and thought I had cut too short by accident, incidentally leaving it to live a lonely life in my closet, getting passed over time and time again. Everything changed for this li’l dress when I tried it on this particular evening to coordinate with a coat that I didn’t even end up wearing. I (and the dress) couldn’t be happier that I rediscovered this great neutral and everyday, appropriate length dress – my eyes must have seriously deceived me year ago. Or did I shrink in height?



This evening had rainy – again – weather for which Southern Californians are stereotypically unprepared. We brought umbrellas, but wore heels. My particular pair were opened-toed wedges worn over tights, which unavoidably got soaked while stomping around in parking lot puddles leaving me with cold, wet tootsies. I may need to think twice about that combination next time it rains.

Worn under a hoodie and thick-knit cardigan with round, crystal-cut buttons, this outfit kept me sufficiently warm while traveling from the parking structure to the restaurant. Also, does anyone else agree that tights are the perfect rainy weather leg cover? They don’t stay wet nearly as long as denim or other thick pants if they happen to get wet, and they’re less likely to get ruined.



The rainy, moody atmosphere of this evening paired perfectly with the interior of Blue Agave, but we will undoubtedly return on a more cheerful day if for nothing other than $5 fries with Gruyere cheese sauce.

State Street: The Vintage Low-down

One of our favorite afternoon pastimes in Santa Barbara, since the time we were freshman at UCSB, has been a relaxing stroll down State Street, shopping, Yogurtland, coffee shops on every corner, and a store for every possible style you could imagine. Farmers Markets on Tuesdays, movie theaters galore, and our absolute favorite…an array of unique and vintage clothing stores. Now my personal favorite is The Closet, I have yet to ever leave that shop without the glow of finding an absolutely gorgeous one of a kind designer pieces, with fabulous boho chic potential, and at an AMAZINGLY reasonable price! On this particular day, I found an acid washed vintage bright pink top, with gold feather detail on the front, and an amazingly versatile oversized white lace long sleeve tunic. Another one of our favorite stores is LF…while slightly overpriced during normal season shopping, there seasonal 60% of entire store sales are something we NEVER miss, amazingly unique finds, great boots, acid washed tunic sweatshirts, lace, leather, fringe and everything boho chic!!

bohemian bombshell

MJ: On this beautiful Monday afternoon, it was slightly chilly, but comfortably warm in the sun, always, I layered! I love this bright pink sweater tunic, it’s perfect with a high waisted belt and black denim leggings. The vest is a one of a kind, an amazing shaggy cream colored vest, a  vintage find of Ez’s from a local SB vintage shop. I layered several pink and gold necklaces to pull the look together. I wore my beautiful handmade Immie earrings by AyaPapaya, giving my classy look a great boho edge!

bohemian bombshell

ez: There is definitely a certain kind of outfit that I like to wear while shopping. Versatile underthings, comfortable shoes, and a great bag. Lately I have only been carrying this backpack, which my Godmother bought for me in Israel, while shopping because it leaves both of my arms free for rummaging and digging through clothing. I am a bit obsessed, and would like to buy more backpacks for this very purpose, but just have not been able to find one as perfect as this! If I decide to carry a different type of purse with me it is always long, slouchy and out of the way of my arms’ reach, and usually includes fringe. As for clothing, this “dress” is a vintage old man’s sweater that I cut to make it fall off of the shoulders, but also wear around my house without a belt for a lazy style. Boots are Frye, and the body-con dress underneath the holey sweater offers not only much needed coverage and warmth, but also the opportunity to take off my dress on a whim inside of any store to try on something new.

bohemian bombshell