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Beach Fashion

On the first 80-degree day of Spring, We jumped on the opportunity to go to the beach. We chose to visit Hammond’s Beach in Montecito, where one needs to wander along a beautiful, overgrown green path to reach the quiet shoreline. The day was beautiful and the sunset coloring the clouds was magical.

MJ: It was such a beautiful day that I decided it was the perfect excuse to wear my new “little black bikini” Bandeau from Victoria Secret. I love these mix and match style bikini pieces from VS, and I try and add a new color to my overwhelming large bikin collection each season. As for the Pants…a new steal from one of my favorite little State street shops: The Closet…Hunter green Rachel Pally Harem Pants. Amazingly comfortable (which is to be expected from anything Rachel Pally of course) and surprisingly versatile.
The straw fedora hat is from Urban Outfitters, great for summer (or spring in Santa Barbara’s case). Also the perfect accessory when my hair isn’t looking it’s best.
The white cover up is a fantastic find from another one of my favorite State street stores Dear Diary. I love this store because they provide tons of label free tunic style tops in every color imaginable. This white cover up/jacket/oversized shrug is light enough to keep you cool on a hot day while providing a perfect little number to throw over your swimsuit.
I love this Hippy Flower Pendant, purchased a few years ago as part of a halloween costume, and making it’s long awaited debut as an everyday accessory
The earrings are my own creation, some of the beads in these earrings are actually purchased from other etsy sellers. To see more of my creations visit the Bohemian Bombshell shop on Etsy
EZ: I worship the day that warm weather arrives by forgoing tights and pants altogether. Pants are sometimes a necessity, but I must admit that I prefer to wear dresses and skirts – at least temporarily before the next storm arrives. I embrace Fall and Winter’s layers, but as soon as I can escape the claustrophobia of a coat-over-hoody-over-dress-over-another dress-over-knit tights-topped-with-a-big-scarf ensemble and embrace simplicity in clothing I feel more relaxed.
The sheerness of this bright green dress indicates that it was probably meant to be a swimsuit cover-up, but I wear it as a day dress. I bought it in a rush on St. Patrick’s Day at a vintage store a few years ago because I desperately needed something green, and it has become one of my favorites only after I rediscovered it in my closet recently. I love the bell sleeves, deep v in the back, and how light it feels while wearing it.
I mix-and-matched a feathered earring that I made and a purchased arrowhead earring, which worked out perfectly because I prefer to wear a single feather and I lost the other half of the arrowhead pair last October.


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What Mood are YOUR Boots In?

Sassy Sophistication
Boots are by far my favorite kind of footwear..(as most who know me are aware I’m sure) They can turn even the most casual of outfits into a knockout ensemble. They give you attitude, confidence, and that unmatchable feeling that you can conquer the world.They bring out that spring in your step and a sassy sway in your hips and are a must for every fashionista. I love to collect boots, because each boot that I own expresses a different and unique aspect of my personality. I’ve labeled my first boot (picture above) as “Sassy Sophistication” because I feel the stiletto design portrays the sophisticated classy woman who wants to keep her inner rocker sassy fashionista intact.
Barely Office Appropriate
These ankle boots are absolutely amazing. I’ve names them “barely office appropriate” because I feel that they are the perfect boot to wear to the office when you are felling un-containably stylish, but still need to keep it appropriate for day to day office interactions. The color will go with just about everything, and the cute little platform gives you that extra oomph!
Cocktail Boots
These boots are country, meets socialite, meets hot night out on the town! I absolutely LOVE the stud detail, and the adorable swirl designs give it a very “I’m sexy now come and get me!” kind of energy. I would wear these boots when I feel I can conquer the world. I’ve named these “cocktail boots” because I can invision myself showing these off on a night out, they would make a great addition to any “night on the town” ensemble.
The Giving Boot
I’ve always been a huge fan of Tom’s shoes, great mission, great company, and a great way to justify spending 100 dollars on a pair of wrap cloth boots! For each shoe purchased from Toms, the donate a pair of shoes to a child in need, and they are INCREDIBLY comfortable not to mention stylish, the perfect addition to a boho chic ensemble!
The First Fashionable Rain boot
I bought these Hunter Rain boots during the annual rain season in Santa Barbra, and I have to say, they are the most fashionably practical boots I have ever purchased. These adorable rain boots have a very girly and slender design contrary to most typical “Man boot” style rain boots. They are extremely durable, and make any outfit fashionable (even if it’s not raining!) Hunter also offers what they call a “welly sock” a fleece boot sock that keep your tootsies warm and dry, but also adds a much desired aspect of personality to the boots. The Welly socks, that come in may different colors and designs, fold over the top of your rain boots to personalize the look!
Modern Cowgirl
Ankle boots seem to be the newest fad when it comes to boots, and I have to say they are quite appropriate for just about any kind of outfit. These boots in particular are the prefect balance between cowboy boot, and femininity. I’ve named them the “Modern Cowgirl” boot because they emanate the classic style of a traditional Cowboy Boot, and the distressed red leather is quite a popular style these days. A Great color that can be both dressed up and dressed down!
Thigh High Sophistication
I saved the best for last…Thigh High boots are the ultimate expression of sexy style. They give you amazing confidence when you walk into a room, and are a perfect addition to even the shortest of mini dresses. I love to wear boots like these at the office, shopping on State Street, or for a night out on the town! These are the type of statement shoes that make an outfit unforgettable!

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More Daylight, New Clothes: My Spring Wish List

Santa Barbara

The beginning of Spring is always filled with such happiness and joy. Wildflowers bloom, birds chirp louder and more often, and avocado season arrives. All of these factors combined with longer daylight hours have a real effect on my mood; producing a bit more bounce in my step and a perma-smile on my face. And as with the turn of every season, I crave new wardrobe staples.

1. Classic shirt staples in rugged materials like leather and suede.
2. Long, drapey skirts in a breezy material.
3. Daytime leopard print dresses.
4. Shorts in fun, unique prints. I love jean shorts as much as the next girl, but it’s time to step up my shorts game.
5. A signature hat to wear with all of the above. Technically a hat is an accessory, but the perfect everyday hat is so much more.

1. Raw cut stone rings, perhaps in pyrite for an edgy effect to the sparkly mineral.
2. Various textured belts.
3. A structured satchel in a not-so-neutral color that will still pair well with everything.
4. Mixed material woven bracelets in either a skinny, stackable variety or a large cuff. With bracelets, the most important thing to me is that they don’t produce a distracting clank or irritate my arm by sliding up and down with my sometimes boisterous talking.
5. The perfect neutral wedge or platform.

Setting the Mood for a Girls Night Out


Bohemian Bombshell

Ez: My first time at popular restaurant/lounge Blue Agave, which is just off of State Street in downtown Santa Barbara, was definitely satisfying. It helped that MJ and I arrived during happy hour, which boasts a delectable $5 per item appetizer menu; we ordered three. The moody lighting lends to a great atmosphere for a trendy, yet, informal night out for spontaneous photo shoots.


Part of owning your style is feeling comfortable in your clothes, and sometimes the best way to do that is to dress up for yourself. Have a girls night and dress up solely for the purpose of feeling good about yourself, and having fun with your friends. Ez and I decided to visit the ever popular Santa Barbara Night life spot Blue Agave. On this rainy Friday evening, we may have ben the only people in the bar, but that didn’t stop us from taking full advantage of the moody romantic atmosphere.

MJ: The appetizers (like the Champagne battered Calamari) were amazing, and at five dollars each, who could complain. Ez and I enjoyed a great happy hour, and admired the beautifully romantic decorations. Rich golds and deep reds surrounded our cozy booth. My favorite was the antique chandeliers that gave the room an antiqued candlelit glow. Their attention to detail made this an altogether delightful little outing…

After our appetizers, we wandered upstairs to visit their lounge. It too was beautifully decorated to emanate the moody glow of the dining area. The upstairs had the feel of a converted Victorian hotel, with it’s wall length mirrors, draping velvet curtains, and cozy little fireplace.
MJ: I chose a cream colored off the shoulder cashmere tunic with an adorable pocket detail on the front. This tunic is great by itself, over jeans or leggings, or even layered with another dress and finished with a statement belt (which is what I have chosen in these photos). Versatile tunics like this are great wardrobe essentials, especially in neutral colors like cream, ivory, or beige.
I wore my favorite knee high stiletto black boots, that go with everything. The have a great little bow detail in the back that give them a slightly girly touch, which I love! to contrast the girly elements of my ensemble I wore black tights and a thick military inspired high black high-waisted belt.
Since it was raining, I brought along my black red and white striped peacoat as well as my white acid washed circle scarf from American Apparel, and of course a matching umbrella.

EZ: I wore a dress that I purchased years ago and thought I had cut too short by accident, incidentally leaving it to live a lonely life in my closet, getting passed over time and time again. Everything changed for this li’l dress when I tried it on this particular evening to coordinate with a coat that I didn’t even end up wearing. I (and the dress) couldn’t be happier that I rediscovered this great neutral and everyday, appropriate length dress – my eyes must have seriously deceived me year ago. Or did I shrink in height?



This evening had rainy – again – weather for which Southern Californians are stereotypically unprepared. We brought umbrellas, but wore heels. My particular pair were opened-toed wedges worn over tights, which unavoidably got soaked while stomping around in parking lot puddles leaving me with cold, wet tootsies. I may need to think twice about that combination next time it rains.

Worn under a hoodie and thick-knit cardigan with round, crystal-cut buttons, this outfit kept me sufficiently warm while traveling from the parking structure to the restaurant. Also, does anyone else agree that tights are the perfect rainy weather leg cover? They don’t stay wet nearly as long as denim or other thick pants if they happen to get wet, and they’re less likely to get ruined.



The rainy, moody atmosphere of this evening paired perfectly with the interior of Blue Agave, but we will undoubtedly return on a more cheerful day if for nothing other than $5 fries with Gruyere cheese sauce.

Thigh-High Boots and Lacey Tights

My favorite pair of boots are my incredibly worn yet classically beautiful light brown, zip up thigh high boots. They zip all the way up the back from the bottom of the heel to the back of my knee and have the potential to make virtually any outfit into a boho chic fashion sensation. I wore these fabulous boots along with one of my favorite repurposed vintage dresses made by Nullify Anew, for a beautiful Wednesday afternoon at the beautiful Botanic Gardens in Santa Barbara. This dress is fabulous with it’s bright print and button up style, making you feel girly, sexy, and stylish all at the same time. Bright accessories like glasses, necklaces, and bracelets help complete the look. To carry all my necessary items, I brought along my vintage leather and coral tweed cross body doctor bag all the way from a small boutique in France.

While I would never complain about the bone chilling 60-75 degree weather in Santa Barbara, it does tend to get windy and a bit chilly towards sunset, so I brought along my fabulous cream crocheted sweater vest. I love the versatility of vests, giving you that extra layer without all that bulk. To tie together my Bohemian look I wore the cutest cream lace tights. They gave me just the right amount of warmth while still letting me feel feminine in a dress. The Botanic Gardens are hard to describe in words, a short ten minute drive from the hustle of State street, and you are transported to a different world. The Rainforest exhibit is like something out of Pans Labyrinth, with it’s enormous moss covered trees, trickling creeks, and mysteriously cascading paths. I was nostalgically transported to my childhood past, playing in the trees and jumping across ponds. I didn’t even care that my most fabulous boots had become muddy boots. If you have thirty minutes to spare, you have plenty of time to explore the wonderful serenity that this natural preserve has to offer.

bohemian fashion

>Bolo Tie, Rosy Fringe, and Muddy Boots


boho fashion

An afternoon spent frolicking by a creek in the foothills of Santa Barbara is the perfect way to wind down during the current trend of unusually warm winter weather in California. I find that it is in the best interest of personal serenity to seize this opportunity to be outside as often as possible while the weather still permits; It is still cool enough to layer varying colors, textures, and patterns while warm enough to shed those layers in the sun

Wearing a bolo tie, billowy blouse over a short dress, with tights and short boots (I just can’t with the term “shooties”) for a walk in the woods may seem silly to some, but The Unconventional is at the root of a bohemian lifestyle. I feel that accessorizing with my favorite vintage bolo tie adds a touch of Southwestern ruggedness to my otherwise delicate ensemble. This worn-in style is mirrored at the bottom of my outfit by noticeably muddy, yet classic, black ankle boots. These boots, by the way, have made it through my relentless careless and spontaneous exploits. They have been forced to endure torture simply because they not only coordinate with most of my outfits but are also incredibly comfortable for walking, stomping, and general hooligan behavior. In fact, they are currently so muddy because I wore them to a mountain party over this past weekend. Yes, that is exactly how it sounds – a group of young revelers setting up a generator-powered DJ set in the middle of the woods on a bitterly cold and foggy January night to dance until they can’t take anymore. The fog was a certain kind of mystical presence that united everyone in awe and fear that it would soon turn into rain. Now, I look down at my muddy boots and am reminded of the night that I danced amongst the clouds.

>The Boho Chic Edge


Boho Chic; it’s intriguing, it’s stylish, it’s IN. Who doesn’t want to be dripping with utterly gorgeous and seemingly effortless style? Long draping dresses and tunics, delicate lace camis, leather boots, beaded headbands and feathers GALORE! Bohemian Style is a celebration of self-expression and creative energy and is almost always supported by the true fashion artist. So how does one achieve this incredibly fashionable style? FORGET everything you know about fashion so far and wear what YOU want to wear. That is the single most important “rule” when seeking to achieve the Boho Chic style. If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, you will be uncomfortable with your style! It all comes down to confidence. Wear what makes you feel your best, and as soon as you feel your best you can look your best!
Now that we have the attitude of a true Boho Fahsionista, we can address the technicalities of Bohemian Fashion. Layering is a characteristic element of Boho style, it will help you stay comfortable while maximizing the clothes in your closet. That beautifully bright floral tank top in your closet only gets worn every once in a while because while it’s beautiful, surely people would begin to notice if you wore the same top all the time. Throw that tank under a high-waisted skirt, throw on a belt, and layer another tunic or maybe a blazer over the top. Now you have an entirely different outfit! Sometimes the most attention seeking items in your closet (the ones that may seem un-wearable) are best worn as more subtle complimentary pieces. That way the bright, “eye-catching” elements of your outfit will look as if they were merely an after thought; effortless style. These Layering laws apply to fashion accessories as well! Your favorite necklace has ten times the versatility when worn with long beaded strands and an eye-catching headband. Beaded Jewelry is key in achieving the Boho Chic style; bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headbands…More is More! The more you can layer the better! Bohemian Style is all about discovering your own personal style. Fashion is a daily creative outlet for the artistically minded individual, so wear what you like and make it your own!

>What is Bohemian?

boho chic

To Be Bohemian is to be enlightened, to understand your surroundings in a new and exciting way! To Express yourself through fashion and art and passion for life! Express your individuality
Be emotional. Be understanding. Be creative. Be passionate. Be unique. Be surprising. Be loving. Be unconventional. Be eccentric. Be compassionate. Be open. Be ready. Be bizarre. Be original. Be curious. Be weird. Be unusual. Be brave. Be grateful. Be proactive. Be amazing. Be selfless. Be kind. Be radical. Be uncommon. Be adventurous. Be extreme. Be nonconforming. Be free. Be artistic. Be different. Be real. Be offbeat. Be an US instead of a THEM. Be YOU