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At the end of this adventure at the Coronado Butterfly Preserve in Goleta, I looked down at my outfit and thought, “Gee, I guess I look a bit more ‘ladies who lunch’ than I had planned.” And that summarizes the day for me pretty well; Attire that was entirely practical until I jumped in the car to go to a eucalyptus forest of sorts on the bluffs.

bohemian bombshell

First, I actually did go out for lunch with my boyfriend and an old friend earlier in the day. Heels and a scarf for breezy beach weather in a thin dress – sure! Five-inch heels on a hiking trail, not so much. The thick, wooden heels and platforms were easy to master on the uphill climb, but my downhill pace was about half an inch per step. To be honest, though, I didn’t mind the families and joggers staring at me in confusion. Maybe I’m a model; they don’t know me.

boho chic

This scarf (which I found at a favorite consignment store but am pretty sure that it was originally from H&M or Forever21) actually played beautifully in the sunlight. I had hoped that it would attract some monarch butterflies to pose for the camera with me, but, alas, they were content to flutter in the treetops far above my head. It was a majestic sight watching them seemingly float between the trees and sunlight.

bohemian fashion

I love this little black dress. The detailing is subtle but important to me because it adds just enough to this otherwise ordinary LBD – piped trimming on the uniquely shaped collar and the fleur-de-lis buttons that I added to the sleeves make the dress mine. Paired with a vintage cream and brass woven leather belt to dress it down, I’d say that the outfit is great for lunching – but I am going to start leaving a pair of sandals and running shoes in my car for future unexpected hiking trips.

bohemian bombshell

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  1. >"they don't know me!" ha i think in these pics you are a model. love the scarf!

    February 12, 2011 at 9:19 am

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